How Fast A Year Goes By

In his last weekly letter of the 2012-13 school year, Greenhill Head of Lower School Michael Simpson shares his reflections on how much happens to each of us during a single school year.

Dear Families,

Last night, attempting to get some words going for this letter, I googled “how fast a year goes by.” I found a wide range of topics, all having to do with time: why we perceive time to go by faster when we are older; how to slow time down; a trucker’s reflections on the first year in the business; it’s been a year since __________ (we moved, the triplets were born, my estranged father died, etc.), just to name a few.

Here you are facing the end of your child’s journey in a grade level, a season of time and life. Most likely, you feel that time has gone by quickly. But really it hasn’t. So many things have happened in the past ten months. Consider the news timeline: Olympics in London, Curiosity landing safely on Mars, the Presidential election, Hurricane Sandy, the Newtown tragedy, Fiscal Cliff diving, and the Boston Marathon bombings. Much has happened.

Maybe it helps to look back on our child’s year in the same way. List the headlines. Go back to the first day of school and picture your child. He or she was smaller, and a whole grade more immature. In the past year friendships evolved, small and large tasks were accomplished, new skills developed, practiced ones became automatic. Think of special family occasions or travel, holidays, school events, illnesses, parent teacher conferences. Take the time to reflect: what were you thinking and feeling? What were you excited about, worried about? What were the conversations? What was the suspense? How did it all turn out?

Thank you for your partnership and support this year, through good times and difficult moments. The growth we have seen in our students this year does not happen without dedicated teachers and supportive, thoughtful parenting. Have a wonderful summer.

Michael Simpson
Head of Lower School