Attracting Talented Faculty

Kerry Shea, Director of Marketing and Communications, writes about attracting talented faculty to Greenhill School.

The Marketing and Communications Office at Greenhill is charged with making sure that top students and their families know all about the school – its mission, its strengths, and its uniqueness.  At the heart of Greenhill is a marketing office dream: outstanding faculty members who live the mission of the school and excite learning at every level.  How do we identify and bring to campus such educators?

Part of our process involves sharing the Greenhill teaching experience on paper and on our website.  We are currently updating our faculty-recruiting brochure.  In a previous blog entry, I wrote about how easy it was to find photographable moments on our campus.  I felt the same way when I started researching and writing the copy for this brochure – you can find amazing faculty members in each division across the campus.

In Middle School, a Greenhill alumnae teaches Spanish using a whole-body method of learning.  Students not only gain a deep understanding of the language, they are also engaged to a point that their class time seems to be over in an instant.  In Upper School, a history teacher coaches track and cross-country and is the process of starting a summer institute to help young teachers.  In our Lower School, the Carter Fellows Program brings aspiring teachers into the classroom, ultimately providing energy and fresh ideas to our youngest learners.

At Greenhill, we also know that the ability to inspire passion in students starts with faculty members that also love learning.  The School offers a generous trustee grant program to provide teachers with funds to pursue learning outside the classroom.  Last summer, a Chinese teacher received a grant to study meditation at a Buddhist monastery, and a photography teacher attended a conference to learn new techniques for printmaking.  These and all the faculty members that pursue passions off campus create a rich learning environment for their students.

My biggest challenge was distilling the entire Greenhill teaching experience into a few paragraphs.  The words are important, but as I mentioned previously, the photographs of faculty members working closely students, instantly convey the warmth and dedication that I see in every classroom across our campus.  Together the words and photos create a powerful message that makes it easy for us to attract the best teachers for our talented students.