Amazing things happen at Greenhill every day, but unless you are lucky enough to be a consistent fly on the wall, you might miss them.

As Director of Curricular Programs for Pre-K through grade 12, I have determined that many of the details of teaching and learning at Greenhill go unreported.  We have created this blog to fill in those gaps in both experience and information.

I frequently make “learning walks” across and around campus where I have the opportunity to sample the teaching and learning that take place at Greenhill.  These snapshot visits, originally defined by Tony Wagner from Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, allow me to develop an understanding of both the purpose of lessons and the skills students are learning in their classes.

I routinely see students learning with joy and enthusiasm.  I see teachers focused on the tiniest detail of planning so that the day’s activity will meet each designed learning goal.   I see faculty members plotting and planning around the copy machine, soliciting feedback from one another.  I see open, friendly, and affectionate exchanges between faculty and students.  I see so many “ah ha” moments that I will share with you in this space.

Over the course of the school year, this blog will inform readers about best teaching practices and how they can be witnessed at Greenhill.  You will see clear examples of the strategic plan in action and our continuous commitment to examine carefully everything that we do.

I look forward to sharing many remarkable moments with you, from a third grader’s take on economics to legos in eighth grade to cheers from the Class of 2011 when they are first recognized as Seniors.  Please join me as we celebrate teaching and learning at Greenhill.

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