Greenhill Kids These Days

Every other week, Head of Lower School Michael Simpson sends a letter to parents. The letters cover topics ranging from parenting strategies to events and activities he’s witnessed at school. Read below for his most recent reflection on Greenhill kids these days. Enjoy!

I’m not sure what’s wrong with your children, but SOMETHING is. They are out of control. First of all, every morning when it’s almost time to let the children enter the Lower School building, they form a big crowd, practically a MOB, and I have to hold them back until I finally let them into the building. They want to run and I have to tell them to walk. I mean, they’re leaving the PLAYGROUND to go into school. What are they so excited about?

And that’s not all. Once they’re in, they want to go see all their previous teachers. Who does that? Don’t they remember those teachers made them do WORK? What’s up with all that hugging? The teachers know it’s coming so they kind of stand near the door so they can greet BOTH their current and past students. What a pain!

And then, they bring in all this STUFF. Today there were students carrying chairs into school. Yes, chairs! Something about a stamp tax in 4th grade and protesting and the Sons of Liberty. Or they have some project or drawing or diorama or award or book or poem or instrument or artwork or letter or SYB or photograph or poster or creation that they want to show their teacher. Ugh! What happened to just having your textbooks? What makes them think the teachers are interested in any of that stuff?

And they’re so distractible. So Susie dropped her books, so what? Keep going and mind your own business. Do you REALLY have to stop and help her pick them up? Why is it your concern if someone looks lonely on the playground? Who said you have to look out for them, can’t you just keep playing and forget about other people’s problems? Compassion Shmumpassion. And call this a pet peeve, but why do you need to hold the door for others—aren’t they capable of opening doors themselves?

And finally, they’re so OPINIONATED. Every chance they get they’re offering some input or having some discussion about something. Why can’t they just sit there and absorb the information they’re getting, like we did? Who taught them they need to express themselves and dialogue about everything? Not to mention they are under the impression that they can solve the world’s problems, or any problem, lots of different ways.

Clearly school has changed from when we were young. I have no idea whose fault this is. I just wanted to let you know.

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