First Day Excitement

By Natalia Hernandez (Director of Academics)

After more than twenty years in education, the first day of school still gives me butterflies. For our Early Childhood friends, butterflies come from the anticipation of all of the wonders that they’ve heard their parents and older siblings speak of. In lower school, finding out who will be their classroom teacher can be likened to the feeling you get on a downward slope of a roller coaster. For our Middle School-ers, reuniting with friends and seeing who is in their advisory provide many of the butterflies that keep them up at night. And while they might act like school is just “old hat”, the excitement in the air is palpable as Upper School students walk the halls reuniting with friends, reconnecting with advisors, and digging deeper into the subjects they love.

At Greenhill, our first day of school was August 26th and this week marks our first five-day school week. Only a few weeks into the year, our butterflies have quickly dissipated and have been replaced by routines and responsibilities. Rehearsals, practices, and club meetings fill students’ “extra” time. Homework, group projects, and assessments fill their agendas. Opportunities abound at Greenhill School and the plentiful activities are evident even in the early days of the 2013-2014 school year.

I’d like to take the opportunity of this blog to remind us to help our busy students take note of the small moments that combine to create the Greenhill experience. Let’s ask them about the day-to-day relationships formed while eating lunch on the quad or practicing an instrument outside the Fine Arts building with a favorite teacher. Let’s also ask about the difficulties that may seem unbearable to a student but as adults we know they need to overcome to feel empowered and build necessary skills. Let’s help our students slow down just a bit to notice their busy lives.

In closing, I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful school year, and I hope that you visit our In The Classroom blog frequently. This year, we’ll highlight different perspectives of teaching and learning at Greenhill, with a special focus on athletics and the arts, in order to give you an insider’s view of our amazing campus.