World Wide Grads

Department of Defense contractor, Environmental Protection Agency staffer, Congressional scheduler and intern. Government consultant, entrepreneur, high school English teacher, journalist. Undergraduate, attorney, aspiring doctor, Obama advisor. All of these professions and many more were represented at the On the Road Alumni Reunion in Washington, D.C. last week.

What does Greenhill look like in the real world? How do our graduates, removed from their days on the Hill by at least four years, take on the challenges of productive, fulfilling employment? Could there be common themes connecting these disparate professions?

Based on the many conversations I had with the group gathered for the DC reunion last Thursday, Greenhill grads are passionate about what they do. Lauren White ‘05, who will enroll in medical school in the fall, has used hospital work to prepare for her medical studies. Melanie Sharry ‘05 has learned exactly how to keep Congressman Lloyd Doggett’s calendar as she monitors access to the busy congressman. Mel will pursue her interest in government in a graduate program in the fall. Carrie Palmer ’06 describes herself as “liking to be in the thick of things” at her state and local government consulting firm. She, too, plans graduate studies. Lauren, Mel, and Carrie speak of their plans with eloquence and purpose and enthusiasm.

Austin Holtsclaw ’02 provides the military with technology that is efficient and essential to completion of assigned duties. Jeremy Jacobs ’02 covers the workings of the legislative process. Carey Fitzmaurice ’86 writes policy for the EPA while simultaneously founding a non-profit to fight ovarian cancer entitled Teal Toes. Their days are filled with significant, fulfilling work.

Michael Davis ’84, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Labor, connects his commitment to service to his father and his academic preparation for higher education to his experience at Greenhill. Michael states that his father believed that “the true measure of the man is how he uses his platform to create opportunities for others.” Michael’s educational, civic, and government service translates this legacy into measurable impact on the lives of others. His was only one of the many voices in the room seeking to bring change to society.

Our nation’s capital may be the ideal landing spot for Greenhill graduates with a passion for service, a desire to engage in purposeful work, and a need to truly be in the thick of things. Spending the evening with these alums evoked real pride in how Greenhill is represented out in the world. Our graduates seem to enthusiastically seek challenges for their life’s work. Their optimistic and eloquent approach is cause for celebration. And, truly, they have taken Greenhill’s pursuit of excellence and made it their own.

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