Just like the television show of the same name, Greenhill is a place that doesn’t seem to shut down. Last Saturday, for example, the gates were open at 6:00 am. Not long after that, Admissions Office staffers hammered directional signs into the ground and prepared to push carts of testing materials to the Lower School. It was still dark.

By 8:00, eager families with little ones in tow checked in to begin their admissions assessments. Parents waited patiently in the cafeteria sipping on coffee, chatting, and watching the clock. This year hundreds of students are testing for admission to Greenhill from pre-Kindergarten through grade 12.

Several miles away, there was a different kind of anxiety in the air. Faculty, administrators, and students, led by Chinese teacher Warren Frerichs and Head of Upper School David Braemer, waited eagerly for Korean Airlines Flight 31 to arrive from Inchon, South Korea. On the flight were our guests from WeolPyeong Middle School in Ulsan, South Korea – three administrators and fifteen students. After an endless wait at US Customs, the guests finally emerged to cheers, smiles, and signs of welcome from their Greenhill hosts. An afternoon nap and a Tex-Mex dinner provided just the pick-me-up the students needed before they joined their Greenhill host families on Sunday morning. A week of hospitality, cultural exchange, and mutual friendship followed.

Back on campus, the sports scene was just heating up. The Greenhill Invitational Swim Meet, boys and girls basketball games, and boys and girls soccer games – all against Houston rival St. John’s – brought out the fans for Winter Spirit Day. To promote their sports contests, members of varsity teams opened carpool doors in the Lower School last week, and they were rewarded with lots of young fans in attendance at Saturday’s games. Whether munching on popcorn in the gym or bundling up to stay warm outside, the fans had plenty to cheer about at this community event.

By late afternoon, the fields and gyms were empty. The campus seemed quiet, with just a few desk lights burning here and there as faculty members put the finishing touches on advisory comments and mid-trimester reports.

At Greenhill, the extended classroom is always open. Learning opportunities abound, whether hosting international friends, defending a goal, leading a tour, or practicing dance steps for the musical. A vibrant campus means there is always a way to become involved in the life of the school, always events to bring the community together, always ways to celebrate Greenhill. There will be another Saturday like this one very soon, where the learning takes place outside the traditional classroom. Come join us. It is something to see.

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