Pink Rules!

If you had been on campus last Friday, you would have seen a sea of pink. 

Greenhill School’s Pink Out Day was organized to send love and support to those in our community who are touched by breast cancer.  If you only counted the number of pink tutus, pink t-shirts, pink ties, and pink socks, you would know how successful the day was, but there was really so much more.

Our athletes, both boys and girls, incorporated pink into their competition uniforms.  Pink shoelaces, undershirts, tape, hair ribbons, and t-shirts were the order of the day for football, cross-country, volleyball, and field hockey athletes. 

The Upper School faculty appreciation lunch, hosted by the tenth grade parents, included pink meringues and pink flowers.  Our cafeteria staff sported pink aprons and toques, hand-dyed by our Sage Dining Services Director Ed Bogard.  Pink icing ribbons decorated the cookies for sale in the Upper School bake sale.

A group of faculty staff, and students joined the crowds at the Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday morning, wearing pink “Greenhill Cares” t-shirts.

But what made the day so moving and so reflective of our core value of compassion were the small conversations taking place all over campus.  One boy asked if he could take a pink ribbon he made in art class to his teacher, a breast cancer survivor.  Children made pink “cootie catchers” with words of encouragement and support inside each flap.  One fifth grader designed his family’s t-shirt for the race, honoring his grandmother.  And there were many discussions about the color pink itself … it’s not just for girls, is it?

The care and initiative taken by each member of the community and the desire to join together was inspirational.  On Friday, everyone one of us looked outside ourselves and rallied visible support for those touched by breast cancer.  Director of Service Learning Sally Rosenberg said it best:  Greenhill is truly a community that cares.

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